22 - 28 January 2017

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Anzan follows a healthy living philosophy that takes its inspiration from mythology: in ancient Buddhist texts, 'Anzan' refers to quiet or peaceful mountain.

From 2017, Ecolibri will play host to retreats at Lake Atitlan, fundraising for our organizational efforts through week-long yoga and healthy living packages. Come join us and experience what this beautiful setting has to offer. 

We invite you to join us for one week relaxing, reinvigorating and healing yourself within the tranquil highlands of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala, on a unique retreat whilst immersing yourself within the rich Mayan culture of Central America. 
Each morning you will arise to the sounds of fresh lake water gently brushing on the shores, panoramic mountain views, accompanied by instructed yoga and meditation, hand-made organic meals, nutritional juices and teas.
We provide a daily program of nutritional diet and exercise accompanied with an array of activities.
Meet local artisans, learn how to weave and make textiles using the traditional back-strap loom technique, and engage with indigenous techniques of coloring organic cotton fibers with natural dyes with local women's weaving cooperatives.
We will take you on visits to craft, food and textile markets in gorgeous Mayan towns surrounding Lake Atitlán and participate in cooking delicious traditional Guatemalan specialties using local corn, vegetables, nuts and fish. 
Hike a volcano, and experience a traditional chocolate ceremony. Or just relax in a hammock while gazing at the lake, and volcanoes.
We invite you to our luxury retreat.

Retreat Program



Explore Antigua and Mayan Villages that surround Lake Atitlán. 
Awaken your mind, body, and soul with a daily practice of yoga and meditation with Molly Cofman.
Savor regional cuisines, roam coffee farms, hike volcanoes, experience a traditional chocolate ceremony, and relax with spectacular views.


La Casa Rosada

La Casa Rosada was meticulously designed by Dita and her husband to frame the spectacular natural views of the lake with large doors and windows throughout the house. Situated directly on the water front with a private dock the house sits majestically within the panoramic setting.
There are four bedrooms (3 king-sized beds and 1 queen-sized bed), if desired, an additional single bed can be added to each room for guests who wish to share.
There is one bathroom to share for the two upstairs bedrooms and one bathroom to share for the two downstairs bedrooms. 

Artist's Loft

The artist's loft is a custom designed wooden house nestled quietly among a sheltered forest of ceiba, pine and cypress trees. Built with beautiful natural materials and equipped with bespoke furniture, the loft is enriched with a large private terrace boasting expansive views of the volcanoes and Lake Atitlán; located a short walk above La Casa Rosada. 
Within the home there is 1 king-sized bed, 1 queen-sized bed and 1 sofa bed which can comfortably sleep 3-5 people, depending upon desired sleeping arrangements. 

Guest House

The guest house is located a short walk above La Casa Rosada with gorgeous panoramic views of the lake and can sleep between 2 and 4 people between the private bedroom, with king-sized bed, and two sofa beds in the main living area. Private kitchen and bathroom. Great option for couples. 


Molly Cofman

Molly was introduced to yoga in 1993 in Tucson, Arizona while on a journey to keep herself healthy as a dancer. Molly’s interests in Taoism and Buddhist philosophy have shaped many of her endeavors, including her pursuit of studying Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Yoga was a healing resource both for life as well as for the duration of Molly’s professional dance career with River North Chicago Dance Company in Chicago, where Molly lived and taught for many years. Once she finished medical school, Molly began to pursue her formal training as a yoga instructor in order to share more knowledgeably the beauty of yoga.  She has studied under acclaimed teachers in both the Ashtanga and Anusara traditions and now studies traditional Hatha yoga in Kerala, India. Although her teaching has its foundations in traditional Hatha yoga, Molly has a unique style of teaching incorporating elements of Chinese Medicine as well as the fluidity of dance.

Molly now facilitates yoga and meditation retreats in Europe and throughout the world. As a traveling practitioner, her passion is introducing people to Traditional Chinese Medicine and yoga.  In seeking new locations for yoga retreat centers, Molly offers free community classes in each new village that she travels to.  At her home in Tuscany, Molly offers both public and private yoga classes.  Molly endeavors to facilitate in each person that she teaches, the start of or continuation of a journey of wonder and discovery.

Dorit Jaffe                        

Dorit Jaffe is a certified holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach. Dorit works with clients to help them lose weight eating a nutrient-rich diet, heal digestive issues, manage stress, and maintain a newfound healthy lifestyle.

She is a renowned food blogger and recipe developer and has a passion for healthy living. Using food as medicine and recognizing that everyone has their own individual dietary needs makes her coaching skills particularly unique. Feeding a healthy soul with healthy food is her motto. 

She also guest blogs for brands and publications like Ivanka Trump, Tastemade, Yahoo! Beauty, True Luxury Life, and more. As well as contributing recipes, health advice, and food photography on her own website, Whole Healthy Glow, and Instagram.


Dita Zakova

Dita is the founder of Ecolibri, and has lived and worked for better circumstances in Guatemala since 2004. Dita has developed dozens of projects advancing the living standards of indigenous communities. One of her programs is Ecolibri Child, which supports local disadvantaged children to receive tuition and study materials for their education at schools in villages in Lake Atitlan. Dita's Sustainable Stoves project provides efficient and enclosed stoves in peoples homes. This is a more cost effective way to decrease deforestation and removes harmful smoke from peoples homes, which increases the overall health and quality of life of the Maya people. 

"My new life in Guatemala had began without my knowledge, but like all new life it must be nurtured with passion, dedication and the necessary raw materials. And so, I have refocused my energy and initiative from head hunting for a multinational corporation to child-centered issues in my adoptive country, concentrating on the lack of health education, nutrition, and hygiene."


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